Fumigation of pallets EPAL

With an aim of meeting the International Standard of Plant health Measurements number 15 (ISPM15 or NIMP 15 in French) which obliges an insecticidal treatment wood circulating since a country infested by the xylophagous ones, the pallets out of wooden follow treatments to heat or by fumigation to methyl bromide.

ISPM15 standard and fumigation of handling pallets

Thirty countries already adopted, with or without particular condition, this plant health standard for the wood of export.

Marking ISPM15
Marking ISPM15

Countries having adopted standard ISPM15 without condition

Argentina (June 2005), Brazil (June 2005), Colombia (September 2005), Costa Rica (January 2005), Ecuador (September 2005), Guatemala (September 2005), India (November 2004), Nigeria (September 2004), Panama (February 2005), Peru (September 2005), Philippines (June 2005), South Africa (January 2005), Switzerland (Mars 2005), Venezuela (June 2005), Egypt (October 2005), Turkey (January 2006).

Countries having adopted standard ISPM15 with conditions

Australia (September 2004), Bolivia (July 2005), Canada (September 2005), Chile (June 2005), European Union (Mars 2005), Mexico (September 2005), the News Zealand (April 2003), South Korea (June 2005), the United States (September 2005), China (January 2006).

Country which indicated the application of the standard without indicating of date

La Tanzanie.

Countries which chose not to adopt standard ISPM15

Japan, Taiwan.

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