Organizations of the handling pallet EPAL

In order to monitor and maintain quality at the global level, organizations are in charge of the European standard of the pallet, EPAL.

Organizations of EUR / EPAL


The EPAL, for European Pallet Association, is a European organization gathering the manufacturers, traders, repairers, users, conveyors of pallets known as EURO or EPAL of certified quality. This association does not have a lucrative goal.

Its goal is to implement insurance-quality in the whole world according to homogeneous criteria's, including the exchange of exchangeable EURO EPAL pallets. Its mission is to impose in an effective way the standard UIC 435.2/435.4 on the EURO EPAL pallets, to fix homogeneous criteria of exchange on the basis of standard UIC and finally to promote the interchangeability for ecological and economic reasons and also to set up circles of work for these tasks.


QUALIPAL is the French national committee of the EPAL which continues on the international level of the similar objectives in particular for all that refers to the EURO EPAL pallets.

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