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The European Pallet Association (EPAL) is a European organisation of manufacturers, traders, repairers, users and transporters of quality-certified EUR or EPAL pallets. The association is not for profit. Its aim is to implement quality assurance throughout the world in accordance with uniform criteria, including the exchange of exchangeable EUR EPAL pallets. Its mission is to effectively impose UIC 435.2/435.4 standards on EUR EPAL pallets, to set uniform exchange criteria based on UIC standards and, finally, to promote interchangeability for ecological and economic reasons. It also means setting up working groups for these tasks.


QUALIPAL is the French national committee of EPAL, which pursues similar objectives at international level, particularly in relation to the EUR EPAL palettes.

Plastics Europe

Association of plastics producers in Europe. It is the organisation responsible for the management and re-use of CP pallets at European level.