New and used pallets

Most handling pallets are multi-rotation storage media, i.e. they have been designed to undergo several cycles. A number of names have been coined to identify the quality of a new or used pallet. New or first choice second hand pallets are referred to as "white pallets", as opposed to second or third choice second hand pallets, known as "black pallets".


New pallet

new pallets

Pallet made up exclusively of new wooden components.

Used pallets 1st choice

used pallet first choice

A single-rotation white pallet in perfect condition.

Used pallets 2n choice

used pallet second choice

A black pallet that has been rotated several times, with a few imperfections that do not detract from the dynamic qualities and solidity of the whole.

Pallet out of use

pallet out of use

Black or 3rd choice pallet, often broken, intended exclusively for rebreathers as it no longer meets the constraints of its use.